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Program Outline:

Module 1: My Identity - Understanding Your Present: Explore your current identity and learn how it shapes your perceptions, beliefs, and actions.

Module 2: My Worldview - Who Am I? Discover the essence of your soul and personal identity, embracing your uniqueness and authenticity.

Module 3: Why Identity Matters: Understand the importance of your identity and how it impacts every aspect of your life.

Module 4: Peeling Old Identities: Release outdated identities and redefine your personal story with authenticity and purpose.

Module 5: What Am I Doing Here? - Short-Term Purpose: Tap into the energy, vibrations, and frequencies of the universe to align with your short-term purpose.

Module 6: How True is My Reality? Perception vs. Perspective. Fact, Faith, Feelings. Shift your mindset and attitude from victimhood to empowerment, embracing a positive and abundant mentality.

Module 7: What Drives Me? - Emotional Needs, Beliefs, and Values: Identify the emotional needs, core beliefs, and values that shape your actions and decisions.

Module 8: My Guiding Force - Emotions, Intuition, and Logic: Harness the power of your emotions, intuition, and logic to guide you towards alignment and fulfillment.

Module 9: My Potential - Unleashing Your Assets: Uncover your top 10 assets and unlock the potential within you to create the life you desire.

Module 10: Control Over Life - Focus and Influence: Evaluate your focus of control and learn how to effectively manage and invest your assets for maximum impact.

Module 11: Awareness and Self-Management: Explore the different levels of human consciousness and develop the power to manage yourself and your life effectively.

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